What is Canthopexy?

Occasionally the eyelid will be positioned in such a way that a canthopexy should be performed instead of or in conjunction with a blepharoplasty. The lateral canthus, or outside corner of the eyelid, contains a tendon that over time can become loose and contribute to a drooping eyelid. In these cases, canthopexy will tighten this laxity giving further stability to the structure overall.

The Procedure

The outside canthus of the eye will be entered from either the skin outside or the inner lining of this eyelid tissue tissue. At this point, the tendon will be re-secured as to tighten this suspension structure. Incision lines can often be hidden in the natural creases of the face, which are difficult to observe without close inspection. This procedure has added benefit of addressing an underlying issue with the aging eyelid that simple skin and fat excision are not able to completely address.