What is body scar revision?

Scars remain on the skin after wound healing and are visible signs of a previous injury or opening. Certain patients are more prone to scarring and poor healing can be due to infection or nutritional status. These areas of permanent scarring can make patients uncomfortable to be shown in public and can be considered disfiguring. Unfortunately, wounds that heal properly can also leave a larger than desired scar. These may be a different color or texture than normal skin, while potentially being raised as well.

The Procedure

There is no uniform treatment for scar revision, but there are a variety of therapies to alleviate and mask these areas are available. Simple topical treatments, minimally invasive procedures, and also surgical excision or cutting out of the scar may be necessary. It is important to remember that scars can never be erased, but with proper care and alignment, they can be further hidden within or near the body’s natural folds and creases.