Lesion excision refers to the complete removal of an area of skin generally under the circumstance of a cancerous growth, but also for benign conditions or for appearance. Three types of cancer that can be removed include basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Each individual case will vary in terms of the margins or region outside of the lesion which also need removal. It is very important to remove the entire neoplastic area in order to decrease the chance of future recurrence.

Cosmetic appearance becomes an important factor when dealing with areas readily seen in public including the hands, face, arms, legs, and neck. Scar formation should be expected with any cut into the skin, but aesthetic subunits are taken into account in order to minimize contrast of appearance. These scars can generally be hidden within the naturally occurring lines of the skin surface. All specimen removed will be sent for laboratory microscopic testing to ensure clear margins.