Dr. Bartlett is dedicated to his patients and his craft

I was born with a congenital nasal deformity, and after undergoing two prior rhinoplasties by other plastic surgeons- with unsatisfactory results- I had grown somewhat cynical about whether I would ever achieve the look that I felt matched who I was on the inside. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Bartlett, who truly listened to my backstory and had a human-to-human discussion with me regarding how he could help. Dr. Bartlett was able to accomplish what my past surgeons could not, and I am, finally, happily satisfied with my appearance. Dr. Bartlett’s technical skill and bedside manner reflect his dedication to his patients and his craft, and I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking reconstructive or aesthetic surgery.

Methodical, Intelligent, and Genuine

I was fortunate enough to have received a recommendation from another plastic surgeon who had nothing but praise for Dr. Bartlett. He felt he would be the right surgeon for the type of condition my son had. I am extremely grateful for this. From the 1st office visit, I could see his methodical, intelligent, and genuine manner and felt we had finally met the right person. My sons surgery went smoothly , and I believe he will continue to improve in all ways as time goes on. We are both very grateful for the precise care, timely answers to all types of questions from both him and his staff. I sincerely believe he was in the best hands and feel Dr. Bartlett and staff are among the finest in this field.

Astounding, Beautiful, Natural, Real, Life Altering

His work: Technically and Esthetically SUPERIOR
He Himself: Caring, Highly knowledgeable, Honest, Low Key, Compassionate
His Approach: Gentle, Straightforward, Artistic
His Results: Natural looking, Age Appropriate, Technically Flawless

I’ve seen Dr Bartlett’s results on both children and adults…Words that immediately come to mind are: ASTOUNDING, BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL, REAL, LIFE ALTERING…. I’ve been his patient for years, personally selected him to do my work from a staff of 7 Plastic Surgeons(all of whom I worked closely with) and have nothing but praise and admiration for him…I LOVE my results (as do so many others). I’ve witnessed his reconstructive work on children (and adults) and am constantly totally blown away…His compassion runs silent and deep…He is a gem !