What is a Nasal Fracture?

Most often as a result of traumatic injury, nasal fractures can occur via direct contact to the nose, accident, or fall. Additionally, injuries primarily affecting the mouth or teeth may also disturb nasal structure and architecture. A broken nose can alter cosmetic appearance, while also disrupting the function of breathing. At the time of injury, the nose will often bleed and bruising may occur underneath or around the eyes.

These fractures can ultimately affect both bone and cartilage structures, occasionally forming a collection of blood, or septal hematoma. Upon any of these signs, medical professional guidance should be sought out. Importantly, if more than two weeks have passed since initial injury, it may be necessary to wait a few months for repair if needed. Applying the same principles as rhinoplasty and deviated septum surgery, repair of nasal fracture should address achieving an optimal functional and aesthetic result.