What is Ear Reconstruction?

Ear reconstruction generally takes place after removal of a cancerous lesion or acute traumatic injury to the ear. These procedures can be extremely complex due to the three-dimensional nature of the areas anatomy. Significant numbers of malignancies arise on the ear surface due to increased projection and sun exposure. Unfortunately, these lesions can be extremely aggressive causing extensive removal and large defect size post-operatively.

The Procedure

Reconstruction can range from small skin closure to needing a graft or implant in order to replace missing cartilaginous structure. A patient’s own rib or graft may be shaped to match symmetry and projection from the other side of the head. In some cases, skin and a thin membrane or flap from beneath the scalp may need to be pivoted from above the ear in order to cover these grafts. Due to the technical nature of these procedures, patients should ensure expertise when choosing a surgeon for ear reconstruction.